I'm Mr. Haq,

Search Engine Optimization Expert in Bangladesh

As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist, I love experimenting, data analysis, problem-solving, and staying updated.

Since 2010 I have been working in the field of SEO as a result I am the best SEO expert in Bangladesh.

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Trusted by over 50 local and global companies.
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What Does A Search Engine Optimization Expert Do For Your Business?

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Get your business online

Without an online presence, you don't exist in people's minds. You need to have a strong web presence.

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Boost your online reputation

Business reputation is a factor in your brand equity. It affects how potential customers feel about you.

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10X more leads From Your Website

Your company's website is the online hub of sales, marketing, and brand awareness.

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Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist Near You

See the video to know more about my Awesome GA4 + Search Console dashboard

Whether you want to increase your sales, generate more traffic, or improve your ROI, an SEO Expert can Help.

He is a very hard-working, enthusiastic person. He is very devoted to his activities. Whatever he does, he puts his full effort on the activity. He is the best among all other Digital Marketing Person that I have worked with and I can certainly testify that he is The best SEO and Online Marketing Expert in Bangladesh.

Shajed-E Islam Talukder
Director & COO at Axilweb Limited
Over 10 years of experience

My SEO Skills

To become the best SEO expert, I have learned many skills driven by the complexity of the fields and constant changes in algorithms.

Some information about me

One thing that sets me apart from other professionals is that I believe in quality over quantity.

Some SEO tools I use:

SEM Rush
Yoast SEO
Google Search Console
Keyword Planner
Screaming Frog
Looker Studio
Chat GPT
List of my SEO skills as an SEO expert
Algorithm knowledge
User experience (UX)
Analytics and Data Analysis
Technical SEO
Competitor analysis
Local SEO
On-page and Off-page SEO
Looker Studio reporting
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What Services Does an SEO Specialist Provide?

How can an SEO Expert help in your business?

They can help you to create an effective SEO strategy that is tailored exactly for your corporate goals!

Generate More Sales
Generate More Sales
They create strategic SEO plan that will bring you more leads and sales.
Rich Your Target Audience
My strategies are effective to reach your potential customers In the right place at the right time
Improve ROI

They help company to evaluate performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Save Time And Money
Save Time And Money
They can help you to achieve your goals without wasting time and money on things that won’t work.
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High Quality & Cost Effective Services

SEO Experts can generate sales not just increasing of organic traffic.

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Mr. Haque

Mr. Haq worked for me for a long time and created a very good reputation of my company.

Oleg Vorobyov
Mr. Haque

It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Haq. The quality definitely fits the price.

Jason Covington