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Free Negative Keyword Research Tool

This tool is useful if you have a bunch of keywords. This also useful If you want to find your branded keywords as well as negative keywords from your keyword list. Try this Keyword Research Tool for Free!

Save Time
This tool will help you to reduce 80% time to find negative keywords list.
80% Accuracy
The list of negative keywords is 80% accurate.
Helpful for Google Ads
This tool is only for NCC To enter negative keywords for google Ad Campaign.
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General Questions

Some General Questions about this free keyword research tool.

Enter your list of keywords into the box. It can contain more than a thousand keywords. Each line should contain one keyword. Next, select the type of keyword to match you want. Enter brand terms as well as negative terms in the following fields separated by commas. Finally click the classify button to get the branded and negative keywords.

Yes, please. Enter at least one negative terms to get the result accurately. 

This this negative and brand keyword research tool is free forever. Use it in your daily life.

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